How to live green

Living green is one of the biggest challenges facing every modern man today. Currently, humanity is in a situation where through our actions we can actually change the natural conditions around us and affect directly on our real life. In other words, the responsibilities that each one of us has, have never been so great and important as they are today.

Many people believe that helping the nature is a much greater task than their powers, but this is the biggest misconception, says the environmentalist Stephen Dent on his web site. It is important to understand that living green is in the power of each person. We all can help to protect the nature and help society to begin to live more environmentally friendly.
It’s not only about separating our garbage, saving food or stop driving and start walking to work. It certainly helps, but it’s not all we can do. By our actions as members of the society and consumers we can influence the governments and the big companies which are really dependent on the choices we make every day and the things we buy.

Here are a few examples. By buying only products that protect the environment, we can encourage companies to offer us primarily green goods. The easiest example is the paper. Using only recycled paper will help to stop the excessive logging. Another example of something we can easily do is to buy a simple plain tote bag and stop buying nylon bags from the shops. This will stop their production and throwing them in nature, which pollutes for hundreds of years ahead.

Another tip that you can find in the site of Stephen Dent Design is not to use plastic bottles and cans. If you prefer brands that offer water in glass bottles or any other easily degradable materials, it will help a lot to protect our nature.

Of course, there are many more radical things that each of us can do if we want a cleaner and greener environment. There are many green organizations, which work for this and need people behind them in order to be heard by governments and large corporations. A membership in such organization is a green step forward that will help.

What is most important is to understand that each of us can do something for a cleaner environment. When everyone realizes his or her power as an individual and as a part of the society, the success of this endeavour will be very close.

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